23 Oct

So I’m heading off to do my own thang. I wrestled with the idea of keeping this blog going but my interests have changes of late, my curation fix I’m getting on delicious & pinterest and it doesn’t feel the same without Danielsan to chat shit over how abysmal or inspired some random brand campaign is.

I hope for those who have read this from time to time that you’ve got something out of it, or at least something more than a sense of Dan and my, at times, over inflated egos. I’m still online as always, you can usually find me on Twitter.

The new location is still literally a bare frame with some old old posts of mine from a previous blog, so please feel free to not go there until I shout about it.

Goodbye Dan

6 Aug

I didn’t know if I should write this post or not, but I felt like it’s something that should be done, especially considering the amount of work Dan put into this blog…

Last week, Dan Harris, the co-author of Gone Meta, was killed in a bike accident. I met Dan a few years back when we were both working at a social media agency in London. He was the chilled out give-no-fucks kinda guy that everyone remembers him to be and we hit it off pretty quickly. We shared a passion for the same music (frequently having entire days of nostalgic reminiscence of music from our teen years, entire skype conversations filled with links to tracks). We often agreed on stuff concerning the marketing services industry especially though, and this is why we started gone meta – to chat about what we thought was cool and why. I wanted to make it perfect before we started, but Dan said we should just do it and work on the finesse as we went along  -we never worked on the finesse!

I think that even though Gone Meta took a bit of a back seat to our careers Dan was proud of what we’d done, if not for anything else it was a place to vent about great or terrible marketing/ad campaigns. Eventually, Dan wanted to write about stuff that was closer to him and put more into his personal blog, - You should check it out because I his writing and creative direction was simply brilliant on there, especially unhindered by the constraints of having to write about marketing!

Dan was the first person, really, that I saw outside of work and continued to see even when we were at different companies. I was looking forward to what we were going to get up to, to the eventual completion of all the hair-brained AND genius ideas that we’d had, to just drinking beers and chatting shit. It never occurred to me that these things might not happen.

As cliched as the saying is, Dan was immeasurably talented, smart and kind. He was an incredibly special person who had so much to give and he couldn’t give any shits about what people thought about him. He was always true to himself and the people he loved and cared about. He taught me a shitload, which I shall forever be grateful for.

My thoughts right now are with Dan’s Family, CD, all those who were especially close to him and everyone who was touched by his generosity at some stage who is feeling the pain now. I know that many, many people are going to be hurting for a long while at the loss of a lovely and beautiful man.

I’ll miss you buddy x

**Unfortunately the circumstances in which he died have created a bit of a media frenzy and for this reason I won’t be publicising this post the way we used to (‘is it live? post it to every social network that exists!’).




Specsavers fantastic Korean flag advert

27 Jul

Having not posted in forever with a scarily large pile of stuff that I want to write about amidst some questions about how and if this blog will carry on in its current form, I felt I had to post this advert up. While I’m a digital cat I do love a good print ad, and this was brilliant opportunism by Specsavers. Someone’s portfolio is going to look pretty awesome after this too!

Specsavers Korean Flag Advert

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Down and out – the final push of a doomed shop

30 Apr

Saw this fantastic poster in a soon-to-be-closed shop in the charming town of Lymington this weekend just gone…Britains rudest shop is closing down - after 170 years only a few weeks left to be insulted, don't miss the experience!!
I’ll let it speak for its self. Rumour has it that Spoons is taking over the lease.
140 years after the shop opened and it loses to Spoons. Kinda reflects the disease of our times in a way doesn’t it.

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Toys’R'Us Death Star in Denmark

14 Mar

To be honest, there have been far too many ads slowly destroying my childhood memories by crowbarring the Star Wars brand into their advertising. Credit to Volkswagen for their initial Star Wars ad, we loved that, but then they carried it on into this year’s Superbowl with their pre-ad ad, and Vodafone have stolen Yoda to advertise their callback feature.

Can you please stop now! Lucas already did enough damage releasing The Phantom Menace.

As much as I moan though, I did like this ad from Advance in Copenhagen for Danish Toys’R'Us in support of The Phantom Menace 3D. It’s got a shaky cam style, the initial reference is suitably subtle and it kicks in with some nostalgic sound effects and a Tie Fighter.

So, even though I say it begrudgingly, I quite like this ad!

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Paddy Power Chav ad gets banned almost instantly

14 Mar

Well, this little piece of comedy gold from Crispin Porter + Bogusky for Paddy Power lasted all of four days before being pulled. I wonder why?

To be honest, when I first saw the ad I just thought it was taking a dig at sectors of  society in a way that translates easily to the betting market by framing it around the Cheltenham racing festival.

Paddy Power chav ad

Turns out, a gent on the Paddy Power Facebook page commented that he didn’t want Cheltenham ruined in the same way Ascot was, and that in turn led to the creation of this ad. Which makes it infinitely better in my opinion.

I love the fact the Crispin have reacted to something they’ve seen on a brand social media channel and created an ad out of it. Well played chaps. I wonder how much more frequently we’ll start seeing ads based on user generated ideas, comments and content?

Anyhow, here’s the ad, apologies if you can’t view, it’s age restricted and uncensored due to a bit of bum cheek on show (for what it’s worth it doesn’t really require any NSFW warnings)

In addition, the campaign is nicely integrated with Facebook through a chav or chav-not game that offers up Cheltenham VIP tickets and ipads as an incentive. If only they removed the like gate and focused on engaging content on their wall.

As a footnote, Paddy Power are one of those rare brands that I actually advocate multiple postings on a Facebook wall – giving out race previews and results seems a sensible use of the channel for this brand.

Disclaimer: I’ve had to leave aside all personal opinions for this article and remove myself from the fact that such a blatent attack on a certain (percieved or real – you can decide) sector of society is considered a viable and acceptable way of advertising.

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