Newcastle Brown Ale shadow art billboard

15 Aug

San Diego based firm, Vitro, were tasked with bringing the Newcastle Brown Ale motto “the lighter side of dark” to life and they’ve certainly succeeded in my opinion. This was was one of those that instantly struck me as amazing. I absolutely love it!

Located in the Gaslamp district of San Diego, this advertisement appears to be a random collection of bottle caps  glued to a board, at least  until the sun goes down and the lights come on. As the daylight fades, the strategically placed light begins to cast a shadow across the board from the bottles caps. As this shadow becomes more prominent a striking image appears showing a person reaching for the printed glass of Newcastle Brown on the far right of the billboard.

The video below shows how the installation was put together and the dramatic effect it achieves:

They’ve been pretty handy putting other pieces of art up around San Diego too to generate buzz for the beer:

I am properly impressed!

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